The Benefit of Anti Aging Tools
When you want to keep your skin young, one of the best ways to do it is by using
anti-aging tools. There are many products on the market that claim to do this, but
not all of them are effective skin care tools. By using one of these tools on a regular basis, you can
achieve youthful skin and keep a youthful appearance. Listed below are some of the
most effective tools. Read on to learn more about how these tools work and how you
can use them to achieve the same goal.

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Ice rollers – The cooling action of an ice roller can stimulate the lymphatic system
and massage the face, all of which will result in a more youthful appearance.
Anything ‘cryo’ has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes collagen production.
Ice rollers are also useful for their anti-inflammatory effects, and may even constrict
blood vessels to reduce the appearance of broken capillaries. And because they are
noncomedogenic, you can use them on your whole body for maximum benefit.
LightStim for Wrinkles – Another popular LED tool for facial wrinkles is the LightStim
for Wrinkles device. This LED device delivers red, amber and near-infrared light to
the skin. The red light helps increase cellular energy, improve skin texture and
smooth wrinkles. It also promotes wound healing and reverses photoaging in the
skin. Red light is safe for all age groups, but Worden recommends using a red-light
device five to seven times per week and for about three minutes per spot.

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Microcurrent devices are another effective anti-aging tool. Microcurrent technology
stimulates collagen production and improves skin laxity. In a study of 30 women, 70
percent of the participants reported a high level of satisfaction after having three
treatments. Microcurrent therapy may also help the blood circulate better and
increase the amount of collagen in the skin, which strengthens the foundation of the
skin. A study involving 30 women lasted for one month.